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Fast and reliable

Open source; online, no loss of information

Analyse without delay

Real time results and charts

Centralise everything

Direct insight for your sales

Simple and intuitive

User-friendly interface 

1. Design and test your survey

You need just a few clicks to make online surveys. Simple and clear; no need to make it complicated. With our intuitive interface, you can directly edit what you see with one click.

2. Share and collect data

With Odoo's built-in sharing system, you can communicate your surveys easily. No delays and wasted time, you can ensure immediate sending in just a few clicks.

3. Immediately benefit from the results 

With Odoo, all your results will be automatically synchronized with your database. No separation between your data mining and your company; you can be sure that your sales force will benefits from this.

Odoo's unique "edit inline" and building blocks approach makes survey creation surprisingly easy. You can drag and drop content online, edit any text that you see, following your needs.

Did you find a small error in a questionnaire? Do you want to add a new answer or change the text? Just click and change - it's that simple.

Modify the design, edit questions, add more text and change the pictures in real time without using any external and complex interface

Thanks to our built-in sharing system, gathering information is not time consuming anymore. Since your database is directly accessible from the survey tool, you can share your polls really fast and immediately get responses. You can react to your marketing needs and provide studies anytime.

With Odoo Survey app, you don’t lose time on the process and you can focus on the quality and quantity analysis.

Odoo provides a smooth synchronisation of your database.  All information provided from the surveys is automatically assigned to the matching entry in your fully integrated database.

The results will be saved and always reachable for the moment when you need it. No more lost data! Run your statistics, measure response rates and extract the analysis without delay.

Easy to create and edit

Try it and understand it in less than 1 minute. 

Fully integrated with other apps

Use it everywhere in our CRM

Unlimited survey and forms

No limit, gather all informations possible

Merged database

Why waste time on import/export and matching? Automate it!

Open source

Strong community and strong security

The Odoo experience

Because you deserve a smooth service at the best price

Fully Integrated with Odoo Apps

Get hundreds of open source apps for free

Lead Automation

Design campaigns, refine segmentation, automate actions and track performance.

Website Builder

Get an awesome enterprise website. Fully customizable and SEO friendly.


Attract more leads with a winning content marketing strategy.


Design efficient emails campaigns Send, convert and track your success.




Drag & drop editor

Use our premade building blocks to structure your survey.

Edit inline

Edit your surveys by adding your text and graphics in real time directly within the editable content of your building blocks. Swiftly amend any typos or mistakes! 

Unlimited survey and forms 

No questions limit, gather all informations possible.


Centralize & analyze

Smooth database synchronisation

All information provided from the surveys is automatically assigned to the matching entry in your fully integrated database.

No data loss

Results are saved and readily available.

Direct access to your database

Access your database from the survey tool and share your polls in no time for fast response gathering.

Merged database

Automated database import, export and matching.

Real time analysis 

Use the Analyze feature to get real time results and charts.

Fully integrated with other apps

Seamless integration with Odoo CRM.

Odoo has more than 4,500 open source business apps.

Launch Odoo and make your company a better place.