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To establish a system that is integrated into the company's management, you need to start with a current list of collaborators.

Notes: Do not confuse employees and users

For Odoo, “employee” represents all of the physical people who have a work contract with the company. This includes all types of contracts: contracts with both fixed and indeterminate time periods, and also independent and freelance service contracts.

A “user” is a physical person who is given access to the company's systems. Most employees are users but some users are not employees: external partners can have access to parts of the system.

Using Odoo, you can efficiently manage the process of hiring new people for your organization. It is a well managed recruitment process from initial contact to hiring the applicant.

You need to install hr_recruitment module to efficiently manage the recruitment process or Go to menu Settings > Configuration > Human Resources tick Manage the recruitment process and click on apply button.

You can manage leaves taken by employees using the hr_holidays module. Go to the menu Settings > Configuration > Human Resources. Then in Additional Features tick the Manage holidays, leaves and allocation requests. And then click on the Apply button.

A motivated workforce of people can give the best outcome for an organization. Odoo Odoo can maintain this motivational process by periodical evaluation of employees' performance.

The regular assessment of human resources can benefit your people as well your organization. For efficient periodical evaluation of employees' performance, you need to install the hr_evaluation module. Go to the menu Settings > Configuration > Human Resources. And then tick the Organize employees periodic evaluation.

In most service companies where Odoo has been integrated, service sheets, or timesheets, have revolutionized management practices. These service sheets are produced by each employee as they work on the different cases or projects that are running. Each of these is represented by an analytic account in the system.

Employee expenses are charges incurred on behalf of the company. The company then reimburses these expenses to the employee. The receipts encountered most frequently are:

  • car travel, reimbursed per unit of distance (mile or kilometer),
  • subsistence expenses, reimbursed based on the bill,
  • other purchases, such as stationery and books, destined for the company but carried out by the employee.

The new hr_payroll module includes a generic payroll engine that handles everything required to compute hr salary slips, the taxes to pay, etc. You can manage your company's payroll by using this module. You have to select option Manage payroll from following menu Settings > Configuration > Human Resources and you can install your country payroll from that option Install your country's payroll.


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