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In Odoo, now a quotation and an order are handled in the different menu. You can consider an order to be a quotation that has evolved, because it has been confirmed by the customer. Or, conversely, that a quotation is an order that has not been validated or cancelled yet. Your quotations can be opened using the menu Sales > Sales > Quotations.

To enter details of a new quotation, you can use the menu Sales > Sales > Quotations and then select Create. Odoo opens a new window allowing you to enter data into a new blank quotation form. You can also create a quotation directly from an opportunity, as explained in a previous chapter.

Products can be managed in several packaged forms. For example, if you sell batteries you can define the following packages for a given battery product:

  • Piece: a battery,
  • Blister Pack: a pack of 4 batteries,
  • Pack of 100 blisters: 400 batteries,
  • Palette: 40 packs for a total of 16,000 batteries.

To manage alerts on customers, you can install the warning module. Once that is installed, you will be able to configure a series of alerts on the customers by setting parameters in the new Warnings tab on the form. You can select any of the following types of warnings and create different warnings for purchases and for sales:

  • No Message: This option will not display a message.
  • Warning: This option will show the user the message entered.
  • Blocking Message: The message displayed will cause an exception and block the workflow.

Configuring Orders

The way the order is configured will determine its future behaviour, following fields are available Other Information tab of Sale Orders form:

To manage deliveries in Odoo, you can install the delivery module from setting menu.

This module enables you to manage:

  • the different carriers with whom you work,
  • the different transport methods,
  • cost calculation and invoicing of each delivery,
  • the transport methods and their tariffs.

For every company, keeping a clear sight on and a good control of margins is crucial. Even if you have a good sales level, it will not guarantee company profitability if margins are not high enough. Odoo provides a number of methods allowing you to monitor your sales margins. The main ones are:

  • Margins on a sales order,
  • Margins by product,
  • Using pricelists.

Some companies are notorious for their complicated pricelists. Many forms of price variation are used, such as end-of-year refunds, discounts, change of terms and conditions with time, various prepayments, cascaded rebates, seasonal promotions, and progressive price reductions.

Contracts can take different forms within Odoo, depending on their nature. So you can have several distinct types of service contracts, such as:

  • fixed-price contracts,
  • cost-reimbursement contracts, invoiced when services are completed,
  • fixed-price contracts, invoiced monthly as services are carried out.


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