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Configuring Orders

The way the order is configured will determine its future behaviour, following fields are available Other Information tab of Sale Orders form:

  • Shipping Policy:
    • Partial: Deliver each product when available.
    • Complete: Deliver all products at once.
  • Create Invoice:
    • On demand: A draft invoice can be created from the sales order when needed.
    • On delivery order: A draft invoice can be created from the delivery order when the products have been delivered.
    • Before delivery: A draft invoice is created from the sales order and must be paid before the products can be delivered.
  • Invoice on: Shipped Quantities and Order Quantities. The sale order will automatically create the invoice proposition (draft invoice). Ordered and delivered quantities may not be the same. You have to choose if you want your invoice based on ordered or shipped quantities. If the product is a service, shipped quantities means hours spent on the associated tasks. By default it is Order Quantity and in 7.o it is invisible field.

Picking Mode

The picking mode determines the way the storesperson will do the picking. If the order is put into Partial Delivery mode, the picking order will appear in the list of things for the storesperson to do as soon as any of the products on the order is available.

The storesperson will then be able to make a partial delivery of the quantities actually available and do a second picking operation later when the remaining products are available in stock.

If the picking mode is Complete Delivery, the picking order will not appear in the list of pickings to do until all of the products are available in stock. This way, there will only be a single delivery for any such order.

If the storesperson wants to do so, the delivery mode can be modified on each picking list even after the order has been confirmed.

In the case of invoicing from picking, the cost of delivering the products will be calculated according to multiple deliveries. This risks incurring a higher cost because of the separate deliveries. If invoicing is done from the order, the customer will only be invoiced once for the whole delivery, even if the delivery of several items has already been made.


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